"I thought it would be over when we moved. But, at what cost does losing your whole family mean you are safe? Well I ask my self every damn day. I seen it four weeks ago and already every thing is crashing down around me. The dog was black and white with open wounds and its eye dangling from its head. Its howl sends shivers down my spine. I can remember the smell. It smelt like, I don't know, maybe rotting flesh. What ever the smell is. It is just a smell that is putrid. It makes anyone sick. Thats how the dog gets you. So keep running. The sounds of paw chasing after you will happen but what ever you do don't look behind you. The dog is way too dangerous for a mere mortal. Which means me and all the population is screwed. I have been running for weeks. I have not. Slept since that first night. I have not eaten much since I left. It keeps chasing me. It won't stop till is catches me. So survivors stay clear of the east end of the city by the train tracks. And may the apocalypse treat you well. And if this is my final note take anything you'd like..." Cloak: well I think we know what happened to our bounty. Reaper: Plague ain't gonna like this, lets get back before the dog gets us. TEN HOURS LATER.... Plague: YOU SAID SHE WHAT!!! I DON'T THINK YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT WAS TO FIND THE BOUNTY ALIVE!!!! Reaper: sorry sir but with the infected and the reports of the dog we could not risk it Cloak can back this up with video proof of the dog. Cloak: *shows video* Footage:( black and white dead dog walking around and attacking the infected) Plague: this thing can be killed right? Reaper and Cloak: (at the same time) I don't know Plague: well you better FIND OUT NOW!!!!!

Story is told by lonewolf


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