I walked inside, Looked at the interior of the house and proceeded to look at the woman. "How can you Feel like you been somewhere but never been there?" I thought to myself. "Please come in, Make yourself at home." She said with a coy tone. "Pardon me Ma'am, But what did you mean you were "Waiting for me" Have we ever met before because I don't recall, Do You?" I asked her. She looked at me with a Devilishly charming grin "I Know all about you, for example I know your name, Your workplace, where you're from, I know the ones you love. Every detail I know about you is true. You can't deny that while you were walking along that road. You were trying to escape being Lonely am I right?" She said. "Well yeah, Why would I want to surround myself with people who make me feel alone. It's better than actually being alone." I said As I sat down. "Good point." She said. "I never did get your name, What is it?" I asked fondly. "You can call me Mrs. Dame, or Belle." She said as she sat down across from me.

I can't shake this feeling of Familiarity. It feels like a Deja Vu. I never been here before and I never met you. Yet you remind me of someone." i said as I looked around the home. "Heh, Funny." She said as she gave a Soft chuckle. "You said you know all about me, Why? Did my crazy mother put you up to this?" I asked. "No No No, I watched over you ever since the first time you felt Lonliness." Mrs. Dame explained. "I was with you every moment since then." She exclaimed. "Why, You're a stalker or What?" I demanded. "Here Follow me." She said with a Meek Tone." "Where are we going?" I asked. "Shhh." She said with her pale white finger across her Black pained lips.

"Through this door." She said.  "We're back Outside." I said. "Look Harder." She said. As I stared out for a Moment i noticed onjects began to be more clearer. "What do you see?" She asked. "I see trees, Big oak trees, I also see the Moon, Bigger and Brighter then i last saw it a few nights ago, there is also a Old wooden bench." I said as I walked near ot and sat down. "Very good, Now what do you feel?" She asked. I closed my eyes and started to breathe slowly. "I feel a Cold Breeze, i feel contempt and comfortable." I said as I opened my eyes. "What do you hear?" She asked.  I hear the wind howling, i hear an Owl in the distance, I hear water running from a Nearby lake or river, I also hear the leaves rustle in the wind." I said. "Very good." She said. "Mind if I joined you?" she asked as she gestured to sit on the bench too. "Sure." i said. "Such a Wonderful night don't you agree?" She said. "Yeah it is, the Weather is bit grey, Must be a storm coming." I said. "Possibly." She said. I looked over at her and smiled. Something about her seemed Fascinating to me, I thought. I couldn't help but notice her. Seeing her standing in white dress and her long black hair flowing in the wind, or the way her bright Blue eyes reflect the Moons light. Her black lipstick against her pale fair skin. "Mrs. Belle." I said looking at her. "Hmm?" She she said softly. The more I look at you the more you seem familiar." I said. "There is something I have to tell you." She said. "what is it?" I asked.

"You have been gone for quite awhile, Do you remember even leaving you're house to walk?" She asked. "Now that I think of it, No I don't." I said confusedly. "I have been with you the entire time, this place is made just for you and you only, you created what you wanted most. Even Me..."

Story is told by The REAPER


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