Jase: have you ever seen the t.v. film Jersey shore? Mary: uh yeah and it was terrible why do you ask Jase: well, you aint gonna like this then because we or at least i am in New Jersey looking for the jersey devil....why does it have to be a flying creature Mary: um cause it was said to be the spawn of satan, why else should it have goat features and wings? Jase: er thats a good point thank you for reminding me, also what happened during the chupy, chupo, Chupacabra expedition or investigation? Mary: uh thats not important what is important is in the sky infront of your camera Jase: oh ok thats nice.... Both Mary and Jase: Wait a minute.... Jersey devil: (does demonic growl screetch) Jase takes off running.... 1 hour later.... Jase:*out of breath* hey did you hide under your desk or some thing cause you have not been talking for awhile Mary: what me no i would never hide under my desk.....I just hid under my jacket They both laugh

Story is told by lonewolf


Jersey devil is by far one of the coolest creatures if you ask me