Chapter one I’ve always felt as though I’m drowning into a deep, cold, dark ocean, all alone, without anyone to help me or pull me out, it got to a point where i didn’t want anyone to help, making me want to drown for ever without anybody to pull me out of my misery. Thursday January 30th, another day waiting to end, the colorlessness in the school never changes, the children acting as though they are the alphas of this world still bother me, aching to get a hint of attention, it still annoys me to see such joy even in a dark world like this, endless cycle of pain thats what it is, an endless cycle of torture, going around and around sucking the dreams and hopes out of everyone slowly, just you wait for what comes next, drowning in your delusions like you’re kids, all of you are pathetic...this place disgusts me. It’s been an hour since i got home, my father still at work and my mother smoking in her room, i go to my room myself and watch some anime on my computer, the only thing that i can feel true joy from, slowly getting sucked into the fictional reality created by a genius and a master artist! Sometimes an escape from reality is all that a person needs to relax a bit, after finishing, i went to sleep, and i got this weird dream, i was in a dark room, pure black, no light, yet i can see so clearly, i see a figure in the distance...crying red tears and laughing at the same time with blood all over his hands, he kept screaming, “ YOU DID THIS! HAHAHAHA, YOU’RE A MANIAC, JUST LIKE ME”, i couldn’t make out it’s face but i really didn’t care, it’s just my mind stimulating weird scenarios just so i can feel a hint of emotion, i look at the time realizing that it’s 3 am in the morning, i make myself a cup of coffee, whilst trying to ignore the screams coming from my parents room, after i went back to my room i couldn’t find my notebook, it’s mostly where i wrote my dark thoughts to get them out of my head, a normal human being would have probably panicked, but a person who has nothing to lose...wouldn’t get as affected by it as a normal human being. Friday, a weekend here in my country, means beach day to me, something about watching the waves hit the shore while the wind blows through your hair just hits right, sometimes i wonder what my life would be like if i wasn’t this lonely, or if i had emotions and lived a normal life with a normal family, makes me wonder sometimes, these are the thoughts that run across my mind while i’m sinking into the view of the beach. I went back home to see a new face appear, a familiar one, something about her smile to be specific, i don’t remember much of the conversation i just remember it was about my dad wanting me to meet her, probably for work reasons, he wouldn’t even bother to look at me for any other reason that won’t give him any type of reward or personal satisfaction, doesn’t matter, i will just go to sleep anyways and start and day yet again. “Good morning, sleeping beauty”, thats what i heard as soon as i woke up, the smoothest and most gentle voice i have ever heard, making me want to cry my eyes out just from hearing it, i wake up naked in a dark space, it’s that place again, so i was dreaming after all, this time i was half naked and on top of me was a girl, the same one from the other dream...the same one from yesterday, “was yesterday a dream?”, i asked, she replied saying, “no it wasn’t, and how are you so sure this is a dream?”, i pushed her off and got up,” how could it not be? It doesn’t matter you’re just a figment of my imagination anyways”, after that sentence, she giggled, then full on laughed, laughed until she coughed out blood, then suddenly stopped,”here is a hint of what i can do to you, little boy”, she said that as she pushed me down and scratched me across my chest, I instantly woke up, with a special someone sitting across of my bed laughing at me,”whats wrong with you! Why are you in my room?”, i yelled, i got a little mad at what i was seeing, but in my defense i didn’t remember the dream i just had so i didn’t know to ask the important questions,”wow Jonathan, you get excited more easily than i expected”, she said in a flirty way,”what are you talking about, stalker!”, i replied, after a minute of analyzing what i just heard i got what she said and put a pillow on my lap,”please get out of my room, ray”, i asked politely,”what if i don’t? Did you forget what i can do? You are mine Jonathan, and i think i already put my trade mark on your chest”, she said with a serious face as tears ran down her face, slightly changing colors until it turned blood red,crying turned to laughter really quickly,”i am ascending the ritual, wether you like it or not”, she said in a serious face, she crawled up into my bed and forced me to do the ritual, i woke up yet again but this time not from a dream, it was real. I went to the bathroom as quick as i can, and noticed a huge scar, but it didn’t look like it’s a freshly made one but rather a one that healed years ago and took the form if a scar, i showered with ice cold water, after i got dressed i went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, just to see the unbearable sight of my dad getting his bones broken each joint at a time, and my mom getting skinned by a machete just like a cow before it gets turned into a bag, and there she was...sitting there sipping her tea and enjoying biscuits while listening to my dads rib cage getting burst open, and my mother getting her face torn off, the scream were like they were fresh out of hell, i didn’t hear them...until i made eye contact with ray, which looked and sounded like an angel sent from heaven, long silver hair, eyes the color of the deep blue sea, cute smile, basically the whole package, but the truth was she was a spawn from the underworld, well...not literally, but she isn’t human thats for sure. “Missed me”, she said in the calmest voice, as soon as i heard her speak, the screams went mute,i sat down and asked,”why? Why are you here? Why did you have to disrupt my peaceful life?”, “stop lying to yourself Jonathan, what peace? There is no peace in this hell of a world, there is only pain and suffering and you know that, it will never end, unless we do”, she interrupted,”pardon, we?”, i answered, “yes, we”,she also answered. Jonathan : ok listen i just want to go back to my normal life. Ray: you seem awfully calm for a person whose parents are getting tortured right in-front of him. Jonathan: i would appreciate it if you freed them. Ray: you mean the rapist or the adulterer. Jonathan: never mind Ray: ok i’m running out of time, listen carefully because i won’t repeat myself, from now on you serve me, understood? You will have a partner in the shape of your reflection, if you want anything a fragment of me will appear in your dream, if anything i mislike happens...i will make you wish you were dead Jonathan: as if i already don’t Ray: i’ll catch ya later. Says Ray as she jumps out of the window and disappears. ** To Be Continued **

Story is told by @crypted_mind (instagram)