(This is in no way replacing cryptid crys or whatever it is i have so many thoughts i forget a lot of different things but yeah this is just a fun two three maybe four part story thing about an accused witch and the salem witch trials if you dont know happened in the sixteen hundreds so yeah this will be in like a journal entry type thing so yeah lets get right into the story,) Mama i'm sorry i tried to save Martha and Mary im left with Jameson... Til the day i die im going to find father he is the only one that can protect us we've been forced to go on the run if you see this find the fairy trail, we got accused of being witches the priest is after us and we must leave so find us at the old fairy house.... ...TO BE CONTINUED.....

Story is told by lonewolf


Can't for the rest !


Can't for the rest !😊




This is part one of a three or four part story the next ones will be more interesting and more saddened...