I love sweets. Peppermints are my favourite. Hi, I'm Jana, and I keep sweets in my cap. My teeth have been rotting for years, but my parents never seemed to care. The last time I went to the dentist, I was 6 years old, and the dentist fainted after he witnessed my mouth. However, it was like he was faking. And, his eyes were... perculiary crimson. My parents had no responsibility over me, so I was sent to live with my aunt a couple of years later. She was always cleaning something. Even if the house was always pristine, she always found a little crevice to dust, or a little turd to mop. The first thing she did was send me to a dentist. She drove me there and left me sulking in a chair waiting for my appointment, while she went to clean the local library for charity. Right after she left, my name got called. "Jana? Jana Marie?" "Present," I replied, as if I was in swim class. There was a humongous line of people waiting before me, but somehow I still was called. As I waited for the dentist to arrive, I sat in the armchair and bounced up and down, accidentally cracking one of the legs. I ran to the other side, and sat on the wierd sunbed with a light on top of it. Whatever it's called. The dentist arrived sooner or later, holding a screwdriver and pliers in the one hand and a brutally beaten chainsaw in the other. I froze. He dropped the apparatus on the ground, and started examining my face with his soot-sprinkled gloves, wiping dirt all over my face. He opened the light above me, and took off his sunglasses. Red eyes. Red eyes I tell you. Painted with the fresh sugary colour of licorish. I pretended not to be able to see them. "Not such a good actor after all, Jana. Show me your teeth." I opened my mouth in an agony of fear and pain. "Rotten teeth. Peppermint chunks. Decaying gums. Wonderful," he said unemotionally. He grasped his pliers and went straight for my teeth. "One little tooth died on the way. Two little teeth died on the way. Three..." I was dying. It was brutal. But I couldn't scream. Just staring at him smiling, finally revealed to me his teeth; deadly deleterious daggers. Blood was drooling out of my mouth, and I could not escape. I exhaled, giving up all hope and power. I knew I shouldn't have gone to a dentist. They both had that same red stare. And that same inhumane mouth...

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh

Glitches creater

Wow, an killer dentist. That's a new one.