we were fourteen we saw "The Creatures Of The Dark" and hi my name is Nana. Me,my twin sister Nena and our mother and father,Natalie and Nate lived in Brooklyn in a nice house.we lived on the 5th lane avanue.Our mother and father worked at "Catco.Industries" as reporters.So they had to leave from time to time. It was a cold night and our parents were busy with work and it was a weekend night so we stayed up watching conjuring.finally the clock hit 1:00am so we went to bed.we shared a room so we went to bed at the same time.two hours later i woke up to sounds of footsteps coming from downstairs.because i was still sleepey i tried to sleep again but the footsteps got louder so i decided to call Nena "my sister" but when i turned to my sister it was not her infront of me was 3 hideous faced creatures.They laughed and vanished right infront of my eyes.The next morning i told Nena about is and she said that she saw the 3 hideous faced creatures.That is when we told our parents about it and what they said was "we need to leave now" so we left. Now it has been 5 years since that but i still see those 3 hideous faced creatures when i close my eyes.

Story is told by Ahmed Nazwaan