The wind blew violently through the desert directly into my eyes. I couldn't see through the sand in my eyes and kept walking through the isle. Running from the screams of my people and the chaos of village. I throw my hand to desperately find something and successfully did. I felt a touch of sandstone writings i couldn't read as i couldn't see. But even as i was blind tge roaring storm and red thunder was clear. I climbed the stairs as quickly as i could before falling in a hole of being i didn't know was there. I crawled on the floor before sitting on the wall and rubbing the sand out of my eyes. I was blind in my left eye but i could see the archaic ruins of halls lined with Arabic and torches. I took the torch and buried it in the floor to keep it from falling. I put a fire starter grain in it and took a loose thread from my loincloth. I always Carrie a stick with me in situations like these. I triumphantly snapped the stick in 2 and wrapped a thread around it to keep it in place and quickly rubbed the 2 sticks together for a great amount of time and i finally got the torch to light. I travelled the cramped space till i could no loger acknowledge the cursed storm. I stopped to reconsider my road of which i travelled because if my torch dies im left in complete darkness. I decided to read the Arabian language written into the wall. "Follow the corridor wind to the pharaohs chasm" i had recognized it as it was my doing. I soon realized my position. I was in something me and my crew had been building for years. I was in the great pyramid. I soon trailed myself from memory. I found a sandstone wall and if im correct its still loose. I charged and drove myself through the wall. Into the sacred tomb of what would be are beloved pharaohs will sleep when its his time to meet eternity. I didn't know was ilothop the pharaoh was there now. We met eyes and his stubbornness proceeded to be tossed to me. "HOW DARE YOU DESTROY MY CHASM!" I replied "ilothop, please i never meant to bombard you sacred tomb. I..." He spoke sternly with the rage of a god i never thought possible "YOU HAVE BROKEN MY CHASM I WISH YOU MUMMIFIED!" I had to think quick as 2 Royal warriors drafted into guardsman had me had spear point. I quickly ran and dragged ilothop with me to the back wall. To remember what my dying brother had said to me "this wall has a secret the pharaoh himself said for me to make. I could never hold such a burden so i say to you the wooden cup on the stand is a key to something....godly" he sadly passed as he worked to hard for years on this pyramid. I quickly pushed ilothop at the Guards and grabbed the well designed wooden cup and placed it on the painting in the wall of a star. It pushed it in and spun. "NO YOU FOOL YOU...YOU....YOU'VE DOOMED US ALL." the structure of the great pyramid began to violently vibrant as everything fell apart. The pharaoh escorted out of the chasm as i followed back into the chaos of the storm outside. Ilothop spoke softly but fearfully "oh no." The storm swirled into multiple red lightning twisters and proceeded to take the rubble of the pyramid apart. "WHATS HAPPENING!" I yelled to ilothop to which he replied "YOU HAVE RELEASED THE END OF THE WORLD IZIOPE. THOSE GODS WE SO GRACEFULLY WORSHIP ARE FRAUDULENT TO KEEP THE WEAK MINDED SANE. THE STORM IS THOPIO THE SKY AND THE CLOUDS AND YOU RELEASED ITS SIBLING. HIOPIULIF." the top of the pyramid was completely removed and an 3 fingered claws grip the side of the pyramid. Its long neck pokes out of the pyramid. It looks of an sand stained Albino.4 3 fingered arms and a head that looks of a human skull without eyes and tusks. Behind the skull mask appearing face is a mouth vertical with misshapen teeth. With eyes evil and chaotic. Tendrils write down the creature till it meets the slime dripping tentacles that lets the creature move along the ground. "He is the creator of the Arabic language and the thing that sleeps in the pyramid. The pyramid was never for looks or purpose except to cage the creature from ever waking again." Said ilothop as he turned to me and began to scream as his skin wrinkled and proceeded to age rapidly so much as to turn him into dust. The guards as well followed the dust that swirled the creature. As my eyes follow the remains i accidentally get a good long terrifying gaze of the so called god. No its not possible. Ive been lied to my whole life NO! NOT LIKE THIS! I was to mentally broken to recognize the pain as my skin and bones turned to dust. i felt my life force slowly and painfully fall away from me as i grip my memories.....NO!

Story is told by mr. gardwell