When I first looked, I thought nothing of it. But on my second glance, it hit me. It was the man before. This is what happened when I went to jog at midnight. I was supposed to exercise in the morning, but Brad cant let go the fact that he wanted to go have coffee with me at that exact time. So there I was, jogging in the middle of the night with no one barely around. Which was odd, this city are always crowded, day or night. Then I heard footsteps, the sounds are a little higher than usual, and the steps are neither fast nor slow. Another jogger. "Peaceful night, eh?" I smiled at him when he gets beside me. To keep up, I instinctly went a little faster. He barely looked at me and increased his speed. I rolled my eyes, rude. Just a few seconds after, I fell down with a stranger behind me. For some reason, my shoelaces were not tied properly, and exactly when the small rope untangled, that stranger managed to catch it with his, or perhaps her. By his body structure, it's definitely a he. "Oh shoot, Im so sorry." I grunted, waiting for the idiotic guy to stand up before I could. He offered me a hand to pull me up. I shook my head with a grin, "It's fine, I didn't die." He cracked a laugh there. Slowly, I examined his figure. Sport shoes, running tights covered with shorts and a neon t-shirt. Huh, he almost looks the same as that guy earlier. I took a good look at his face. "What the.." I quickly looked in front. The same guy is there, jogging. Then suddenly, he stopped. "Dude, is that your twin or something??" I pointed at the guy in front. "Huh, where?" He followed my fingers. "Okay, what in the world?" I stared at the other figure. Its standing still and suddenly, he looked back. Not just look back, his entire head is facing us but his body remains there. "What kind of paranormal feces is this?" "Run." That guy pulls my arm, going the opposite direction of where we were going. "Bro, that thing's flyin', we're not going to see the sun tomorrow." I shook my head, staring at it while picking up my speed. "Focus on surviving." He says, the grip on my hand grew tighter. We soon stumbled into the woods, and seperated when I went into the wrong direction. That thing followed the other guy, I'm lucky I guess. Now I just have to make sure he's safe. And perhaps find a way out, judging by my surroundings. Before I could move, I was pulled behind a tree. "Shh," they said, and I looked back, it's him. I could see the copycat running, back to his disguise without the flying and everything. When he's passed, I let out a huge sigh, holding onto his hand tightly out of fear. It's very cold. He pulled me up with him, and we walked out of the forest. We talked a lot, and I could say that we're friends now. But then he asked me with the creepiest grin, "Do you think I did a good job being him?"

Story is told by Hxni2344


Inti, awwie thank you, I literally just forced myself to write this just so that I could finally update haha. Still, thank you I really appreaciate you for reading my stories :)


DeadKid25, rip good dreams lmao. If I get scared in the middle of the night I usually hide under the covers and watch anime all night. Works 100% well for me haha, you can try ;)


Wow. I loved this one. Especially the ending. Good job.


Welp there goes my good dreams for the night