This isn't story just trying to abbreviate what im trying to write. Death of Paul macman- a man is murdered and tries to resurrect himself upon succeeding he is struck with lightning and blown to pieces all over the lawn. Having complete control of the area there he can shift and control the plants and molecular structure of those who stay there to long. The hibernation of humans- humans unknowingly fall asleep for 3 months in a undiscovered season. Being one on one taking away by an ailen race called pohds whom take certain humans and erase them from memory as if they never existed. The khadric incident- a man wakes up in a science facility while being stalked by multiple unthinkable catastrophes of monsters. And a portal to another world of anichanters who seek to rule the Universe via taking over the solar system. Cxoxlocx khodixix the ocean the death the third eye and meditation. The gem from no where- a scientist is involved in a rivalry between justice and cultists. Upon entering the cultist threshold she steals a gem and studies it uncontrollably. After awhile she becomes attached to the gem literally the gem bends more than light it bends time, space, and more. She is so curiously fascinated with the gem she doesn't realize its altering her as well mentally and physically. The mold from the Universe- a ball of space trash thats formed into a ball lands a steel bar holds a pinkish yellowish crystallized substance on the end of it. Unaware it would slowly pick off everyone in the facility and forming something bigger. The grass blemish- a perfect circle of dead grass is dug into until something takes out the entire neighborhood. The church above the clouds- an old building is revisited after the clouds clear up and reveal activitie. Upon investigation there seems to be a man who looks of that of a statue and claims to have opened his 3rd eye 100s of years ago. To realize the real him is dead and the body is preserved and being controlled by the evil conjoined twins cxoxlocx and khodixix. the drowned island-a creature that lies deep in depth ends a large island supernatural ways a physic and more. Thats about all i have planned right now look forward to it. Thank you for reading.

Story is told by mr. gardwell


All of those seems intriguing. I'll be looking forward to reading them all. Best of luck!

mr. gardwell

This is the next few stories i wanna make. Though it might take awhile im losing inspiration ill take little bit off and continue.