Hey guys its Alex and I just wanna say I won't really be posting to much...I've been hurt badly today and I just need a break. My step dad said I did nothing with my little brother but I, do and my step sister does more with him so I felt really bad and not worth anything or good enough. So my older brother and friend went out on a walk and I calmed down when I came in I cried more, until my boyfriend helped and I stopped but it hurt so I'm not gonna talk to my step dad. Plus I'm not gonna do much cause I have school and this to deal with so. I'm sorry I write so much about life I'm really sorry guys..... I hope you guys have a good night and I wish you guys luck with everything...... Made by:alex

Story is told by Alex


Ava loves stories, thanks and yeah I guess

Ava loves stories

Sometimes people experience these things in order to be strong. But hopefully you live a much better life and be strong.

Ava loves stories

I feel bad for you. I know what that feels like. But hey I bet you you'll live a much better life in ze (the) future.


I like it, Thanks I cried a lot that day.....

I like it

Im sory for u


The REAPER, aww thanks and yeah I'm okay now but me too


Hey bro you good? If you need anything Hmu. Maybe I can help. I've been through hell and back. Maybe I can help you out


Inti, thanks for all the love and sapourt and I'm doing better so I'll be posting again??


It's okay to be upset. Just let it all out don't hold it in. And open up to someone you can trust or spend time doing something that makes you happy and give it time. Trust me things will get better.


Egyptgachacat_isback, Yeah I hope so


Alex I know that your upset because I'm like you its okay things will get better