The Salem witch trials is very famous ,because a bunch of white folk thought witches exist (they dont but thats my opinion black magic is real but witches aint). They killed women who were thought to be witches... They would kill innocent people this was all back in Massachusetts in the 1640s. But a "witch" that i think is more famous then the salem witch trials was and is the bell witch.... So yeah the i guess the story that will come in the comings days will be from a accused witch and the fear she must have went through so yeah very sad and emotional and most likely intense story or stories idk yet that will come. So yeah just making this so people dont get confused while reading the story that will come so yeah i guess this is the end of an update thingy.

Story is told by lonewolf


To be fair in the 1600s women were basically just slaves


Egyptgachacat_isback, in the 1600s they thought that women were witches but men were not so yeah


Very interesting and I think there was boy witches because there can't just be girls as witches I just don't think it.makes sense in my opinion

mr. gardwell

Lookin forward to it