My mum is a spiritualist and does medium stuff so i am use to seeing ghost or apiritions around the house. One night (i was bout 8 or 9)i couldn't get to sleep so i walked around my room a few times until i got tired although on the second time walking round i heard my door open so i turned around to see who it was but no one was there so i continued to walk around. About 10 minutes later i got back into bed as i was tired, i closed my eyes and woke up 2 hours later and heard my door open again although this time i could see a tall man staring at me from behind my door. Istarted shaking but i didnt want to move we were both staring at eachother fir about 5 minutes when he started to move closer i noticed a cut that was going straight across his face with what looked like fresh blood oozing out of it. I was sitting up in my bed and turned on my light wich was next to my bed. I could still see him i kept rubbing my eyes to see if he would go but he never did, my parents got up and walked into my room as my door was still open. He disappeared into the wall whispering something to me, I've never seen him since and i still wonder who it was.

Story is told by Xx_lonely_xx


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