Once a day I was really Ill vomiting over and over now it was a serious matter my parents admitted me to hospital HOSPITAL name was city hospital it was a good hospital but to be seem like evry patient over there was a little weird like a mental case a cursed case and the real story begin now I was admitted in a room no 133 it was something weird room I was thinking that it's old hospital so evry room .be like this?Ahh ,i was wrong although If you want me to continue comment L

Story is told by Izma

After My Death.

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I also agree with inti it's a good story but hunny you're rushing it please think carefully and then post. But I really like it though continue please


I agree with DeadKid25. And just a friendly suggestion that is try to make it longer and reread before posting. Trust me it helps a lot.


Theres a few mistakes, and I think that the story is progressing a bit to fast. Other than that this story is good :D Cant wait for more from you