Sorry i havent wrote in a while just going through alot.Like my Boyfriend just dumped me and now hes trying to tell me he wants me back. But i cant go back but i feel like i should and its just all my depression kicking in and i started cutting again and i keep putting on my fake smile because no one cares about me they only care when they need me then they leave me to handle my emotions by myself. I JUST WANT TO DIE! I have tried so hard to fit in to bottle everything up, to stay quiet and tell my friends what they want to hear because thats all i ever do because im ugly, useless , a nobody and i just deserve to die because it is getting so hard to handle. Its just so hard to F**KING FAKE EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. I just want to cry but i cant because i have to be the brave one the one that had no feeling the one that smiles and cares about every one on the inside but on the inside is broken and crying and just wants to die thats why im THE QUEEN OF BROKEN HEARTS because i have nothing but a bottle to put all my feeling in,a knife to cut myself and the nuce around my neck because IM DONE. Im sorry im just done i have been pushed past my limits. Sincerly:Weird????

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I'm so sorry that your feeling that way, I know I dont know you but if you ever need to talk plus I've been going through all this for more years then I can count.


DeadKid25, not really lol.


Inti your so nice lol


I can relate to you. Like totally relate to everything except for the boyfriend part. I'm too weird to be in a relationship to be honest. But hey. Don't feel depressed or sad like that. Be kind to yourself too. Just like you're kind to others. Just because someone can't appreciate you properly doesn't mean your not worth being loved. If there's no one to understand or love you then love yourself. Find happiness within yourself. Do things that make you happy. Don't blame yourself if you don't want to do something. Take a break and let yourself heal by doing things that you love to do and things that make you happy. I hope and pray that everything gets better for you.

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Your not alone in this. I'm with you. (I feel bad for you but hopefully you get a better life)


I feel sorry for you