Hello, your wondering why I haven't been posting in a while. Well, school and my apps decided to play a game together. (What I meant is they took over). The apps on my phone and school will make me lose the motivation as possible but that will not stop me. And yes I know there are chances stress can be caused but no need worry. But let's hope new stories pop in. But what I noticed in the app was that ever since my sister left the app and came back for so long she wondered "Why is the app quiet?" But school would be the reason why the app has been quiet. Which would explain why this app has been quiet this week. But let's hope most of us can post stories. But we know school is the top one in this app. It may be because people are quitting. Like who knows that person will quit making stories like for real, but hopefully, no one quits. Well, I'll post a new story as fast as I can, I hope we can all get through this pandemic, stay safe! :)

Story is told by Ava loves stories

Ava loves stories

Thank you.


Welcome back! And you're right. Almost everyone is busy due their education. I hope you don't lose your motivation and keep writing. Best of luck with everything!