Hey guys its Alex I know I write a lot about my life and thats just something I do because I'm, not really sure. But its been a few days ,since my dental surgery and I will be posting more. I'm feeling better and if you guys ever have any thing to ask, just ask and I'll try my best to awser all of them. I try my best to reply to my fans and write about stuff they ,like so if you have some things you'd like me to write about let me know. I'm just trying to do more things to help with spelling and how to write proper and my dream was to be a writer I'm not sure if people will like my books tho. I try my best to make it good but I get they arent but at least I tried. My life's going pretty good I seen my girlfriend today and thats all baiiii guys hope you guys have a great night. Made by:alex

Story is told by Alex


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Anyone have something to ask?