As I keep walking in deep thought, I keep thinking about the teachers smile. What made her smile so big and creepy? I didn't understand. Sooner I later I finally stopped thinking about it I look up from the ground and all I see is woods, I didn't know how many turns or paths I had taken I was completely lost not in my thoughts..but in the woods.. Later i realize the farthest I had gotten was just were I began, I was going in circles!. Later it had gotten dark I just wanted to go home to my warm bed..I just sat on log and cried. I look up and as soon as I did I screamed, it was the substitute teacher?! But.. that smile had gone to creepy to bones?. I got even more confused..I did not know what to do at this point."Follow me" she said creepily. I had no choice but to follow her. It seemed like we had been walking for hours. Then she turned around and grabbed my hand..? But hard and would not let go!? She started to run. Later she grabs a stick and the last thing I saw was black.

Story is told by Corpse-Nightmare


Made by my best friend!!