Hi, my name is Anyeli I'm 16 years old. Here's little things about me! I have short hair, red hair, green eyes and I'm short I go to this camp where it helps u not to fight I've been Fighting a lot. Because people are disrespectful ? I have to go there tommorow at 6 In the morning I know it's early. There's like 600 people in there "Go to sleep you need to sleep for the camp!" I know that.. I'll go to sleep :) "okay goodnight!" Night as she turned the lights down.. (Next day) BEEP BEEP EEP Ughhh... W-what ..? My alarm..? I turn off the alarm time to get ready.. I took a shower brushed my hair made it down and wear lip gloss with a crop top and some short pants with high boots. "Break fast!!" Thanks mom! I have a question mom... "What is it?" Why do u really wanted me to go to the camp..? "Honey I don't want you to fight.." oh okay thanks for answering!! I eat my breakfast it was eggs with bread and the drink was milk ? bye mom! "Bye honey have a good time in there be strong!" (In camp) "okay okay! Hello my kaggoroos"! "hElLO MS MAGGORN" "today we will be running and I have a timer Soo :D!" "Ready, set, GO!" I try to run as fast as possible but this girl named markey tripped me over in mud!!! I feel Owww.. markey smirked "loser!" I layed there for a couple secs until this guy came named ben helped me up! "Omg your covered in mud!" I know that.....he grabs a napkin and cleans me all over! Omg tysm u didn't had to though ?! It's okay I love helping :)! He grabs my hand and ran to the teacher "ms. M I just found her laying on the mud hurt!" "Oh she is okay right?" "Yeah she looks okay!" I smiled because nobody was this nice to me! "Okay kaggoroos we going to have a break!, You do want u want!"

Story is told by Scary stuff