Part 7!! "Heyyy ivete!" Charlie and Emily said hiiii!, "We got news to tell u !" What is it? "We're having a sleepover at8:00!" I'm coming but y'all picking me up right? "Yes of course Ivete!" Good! Can I invite daphne..? "Yeah sure!" Both said okayyyy amazing!!! (At the sleepover) we all have oversized pj's we blasting music dancing, doing tick toks putting face masks on! "Daphne catch this!" Angelique throws a pillow at daphne face! "PILLOWW FIGHT!!!!" I said YASSSSSSSS I said we all started throwing pillows at eachother then after we made slime we tossed it on eachother playing potato game or something then we buy some food eating it while watching a movie Angelique was eating takis I stole it from her :)

Story is told by Scary stuff