Part 6!! Yes I'm okay thanks for asking!, " I'm glad i was so worried for u even your friends are they are waiting outside!" "I mean "friend" who?. "daphne" DAPHNE? BRING HER IN HERE !!!"okay okay.." she walks out of the room to get daphne, daphne comes in"heyyy... Are u doing okay?" Yes I'm ! Where is Charlie and Emily? "Oh umm... They said they couldn't make it they actually talked to me for the first time!" Wow... "Anyways I made u coffee :)" she gives me the coffee aw ty ❤️"no problem!" I drink the coffee "is it good?" Yeah it's ty! "I'm glad to hear that:)!" I'm done with the coffee ! Daphne takes the cup out of my hand and throws it away "I'm going to leave you alone just to give u rest!" Aw ty ❤️ "no problem see you tomorrow at school or u can just text me today!" Alright daphne take care! I rested about 1 hour I felt so lonely I wanted daphne to come back :( The doctor said I can go home I was super excited!! I ran back fast to home and hugged my mom and sister! "I love you " they both said I love you to! I ran back to my room and wrote on my diary about daphne and family Daphne birthday is tomorrow I just remembered and I'm going to give her a present! It's gonna be make up since she wears it all day at school!, (Tommorow) I'm wearing a birthday hat and a dress and while holding her present I go to school people staring at me because I'm dressed like a birthday girl! I see daphne and she's talking to a girl.. about math I ran up to daphne. hey daphne! "Hey ivete" "this is my friend her name is Angelique" hi Angelique! "Hello, want to be friends?" Sure! But can me and daphne talk privately for a sec. "Yes! Go ahead I will wait here!" Ty your the best! C'mon daphne I grab daphne's hand we went to the girl's bathroom daphne here! I pulled out the present "What's this?" Open it :) daphne open's the present "OMG A NEKLACE EEEK I LOVE YOU IVETTE" daphne wears the neklace "Omggggg my mom and dad are poor so thank u!" Your welcome daphne and guess what? I'm taking you out for to eat! "NOO WAY?!" yes way and u can invite a friend "IM INVITING ANGELIQUE!!" good choice! "Let's go to her to say it!" Okay! "ANGELIQUEEE!!?" "Yes.?" Angelique wanna go to eat with us? "YESSSS!" okay this is going to be fun! (At science ) "guys we are going outside to explore plants and different kinds of things!" ( Angelique is in my class btw) "let's go but u need 3 partners!!" Omg that's so perfect I can choose Angelique and daphne! I ran up to them but... Seems like they already have their own partners it's Angelique,daphne and maddison. Maddison is very popular and she's pretty... Sometimes I'm jealous of her!,here I'll describe her she has blonde hair her hair is so long and skily ocean eyes rose skin her skin is so soft and she is rich she wears fashionable stuff and she's very nice!! Like she is a BEBE!!, I guess I don't have a partner?..A girl comes up to me and a boy..? "hiyaa! My name is addison and this boy right next to me is bryce!" Cool! I said. "Wanna be partners they both said. Umm sure..? We walked together and talked about the project ? "omg that's a beautiful flower!" Addison said. "just like u!" Bryce said, bryce took a picture (class is over) "well uh what's your name?" Ivete! "Cute name!" Ty?! "Anyways ivete it was good being your partner! Ty! Byeee "BYee!" They both said I walked up to Charlie and Emily

Story is told by Scary stuff