Part 4!! Oh yeah u guys!! "Ok then dress up nicely ;)" said charlie. We laughed then we were talking about our dresses how they are going to order it the bell ringed, we ran to class and the teacher was giving out candy then she passed one to me,Emily,Charlie and Daphne. "Thank you miss!" Said Daphne "you're welcome you guys are the best students!" I sat next to Emily and Charlie, Daphne was staring at me. "Guys.. I forgot to tell u but the dance is tommorow!" Emily said. WHAAAT?! THAT MEANS WE HAVE TO ORDER IT TODAY!! "Shh.. Ivete you're to loud!" I'm so sorry charlie! "No it's okay!" Wait you know what time it starts? "Yes at 5 until 7" Emily said. Omg tysm Emily! "Anything for a friend!" (Class is over) "okay all of u can go expect for Ivete" Emily whispered "tell me what happened at lunch.okay! Charlie and Emily hold hands while walking.. I came up to the teacher and said why do u need me? "Ms.Iveete your grades are so high I'm glad for u!" Aww ty miss.Sally! "I want to give you something!" She gave me a neklace Omggggg I love itt!! "Keep it okay?" Yes of course!! "You can leave now :)!" Bye teacher!! I walked out of class.. went to lunch sat next to Emily and told her what happened since she wanted to know. Part 5 coming!

Story is told by Scary stuff