Part 2!! Daphne walked me home I thanked her and we hugged saying goodbye I entered my home and my mom was talking to my sister about "something" so I just went to my room I therw myself to bed, then I fell asleep my hair was a mess, I forgot to put the alarm at 7:00 for school tomorrow I forgot about everything thing I closed my eyes and feel asleep. (Next day) "WAKE UP WAKE UP YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL" my sister said. I opened my eyes and rushes out of bed took a fast shower got the brush did my hair in a messy bun did a little bit makeup my eyelashes were perfect but the eye shawdow was messy but I didn't cared. I put my outfit it was a crop top but don't worry it shows a little put of skin. Put on some leggings and my addias shoes grabbed my backpack therw it on my shoulder "honey here is your breakfast" Not today mom I ran Soo fast than I was walking I saw daphne she was looking good! She was wearing a dress with flower and high heels with a pony tail and she has a sqrunshie on her wrist and she is chewing her gum like if she were a bad girl HEYYYY DAPHNE!! "Oh hey Ivete!" We hugged eachother started goppsing about somebody then she just changed the subject "anyways have you heard that was going to be a dance?" No I didn't nobody told me. "Wow girl anyways I'm going with ben EEEKKK!" Who's ben? I asked. "He's my boyfriend" oh okay! Daphne turned around and she started running so excitedly and she jumped on her boyfriend in a romantic way "I missed u babe!" Said Daphne "oh I missed u to!" He kissed daphne I Felt could of sad because I'm single I saw Charlie and Emily talking so I ran up to them! Hey guys no time no see! "Oh heyyy girl" they both said They were talking about the dance. Emily asked me this question "who are u going with Ivete?" "Yeah Ivete!" Umm.... Nobody?.. "EXUSE ME WHAT YES U ARE YOU ARE GOING WITH US!" Part 4 coming

Story is told by Scary stuff