Hello, my name is Ivete. I love county music it's just the best I've been hearing it all the time. Now to the present where everything happens, enjoy!, (At quincy school) right now I'm in my locker just looking at the pictures I put for decoration for my locker. This girl named emily came up to me "Hello fat tiny girl, I've been wondering if u wanted to be friends!", Uh first I'm not tiny nor fat! And um.. sure? I mumbled. "YAAAAAY" she squeezed my hand like a girl to girl friendly,I just need friends like you, you seemed cool!" Uh thank you? I said. She grabbed my hand to get to class. (At class) There was so many ppl Yet my ankiety couldn't get any worse. "Since we are bff's we are going to sit together!!!" Yay! I said we sat, we toke notes like you know note talking. In one of the notes she said " There is this guy I liked for a year" she said... What's his name? I said. His name is bender He's really cute and he's my best friend we would always talked meet up after school" wow! Y'all must of been the bestest friend. "Yeah we were until.. this girl named Melina poped out of nowhere started talking to him. While I turned invisible I felt really sad so I just left". Wow! So y'all didn't talked after that? I said. "No because he avoided me he acted like if I was invisible so now we started avoiding eachother" wow... I felt really bad for her so now I'm actually going to be her real friend! "So yeah btw if you're wondering he's still in this school" oh yeah! What grade he is in? "8th grade" danggg and we are in 7th lol "yeah.. but that's okay" the teacher came right up to us and saw that we were note talking. "WHAT IS THIS?" she grabbed the notes Emily and I were frozen "WHERE YALL NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT WAS I SAYING"? "We were!" We both said "IF U WERE U WOULDN'T OF BEEN NOTE TALKING!, LEAVE THE CLASS NOW NOTE TALKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN HERE!" all of the students were giggling because we were getting yelled at. "AND SINCE U WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION YOU ARE GETTING AN F"! me and Emily rushed out of the class We both were crying because we don't wanna get an f? "if u guys are not paying attention like them then you will leave the class and get an f" the teacher said, me and Emily hates the teacher she is just rude. Class was over. And it was lunch time me and Emily sat together bc that what's bff do! A other girl joined us to her named was charlie witch is emily bff! We talked while eating.. I felt embarrassed because I hate eating infront of people Charlie asked me a question "What's your favorite color?" My favorite color is green! "Oh okay"! We ate everything was silence lunch was over so then our next class is Science I love science but charlie and Emily didn't, we were late to science "young lady's why are u late for this class"? Teacher said. "Uh we were using the bathroom bc we were eating :)" Charlie and Emily said. "Oh that's okay! We are just doing an experience choose your partner"! As she walks away to look at the other students. "I'm Soo sorry Ivete but me and Emily are partners maybe next time!" Oh that's okay! I will find someone else! The only option left was Daphne she's a nerd and she's a animal lover literally nobody likes her she is siting alone on the rug I came up to her and said wanna be partners? "Oh uh sure!" Yay ok follow me I'll pick we were under a empty table we talked and worked about the experience and daphne kept on doing jokes and I tried not to laugh. Until the time was over "OK everyone bring me your paper and let me grade them!" I guess the time is over? Well it was nice being with u daphne "WAIT!" she said loudly. Yes daphne? "Can we pretty please be friends im very lonely ?"? YESS sure! I said daphne hugged me ok okay enough let's get our papers to the teacher before she gets angry "yeah okay!" We gave our teacher our papers And guess what we got an A! Me and daphne are Soo happy! That we even high fived eachother and than we laughed together I can tell me and her are going to be great friends! "Do u want to sit with me at the bus?" Ye- but now I remembered that I was going to sit next to Emily and Charlie but I think they wouldn't mind? Yes of course daphne! "Yay!" Emily and Charlie went up to me "Hey Ivete how was you and your partner?" Daphne was staring at them weridly. It was so great we had fun! Right Daphne? Yes i-its sass great!" She slutted Emily and Charlie said "WE HAD FUN TOGETHER!" cool! I'm glad you did! I said. "Well Ivete we will meet up at recess okay?" Okay see ya! Emily and Charlie walked away while holding hands "who were they?" Said daphne they were my friends "oh okay!" Anyways lets just go to recess and have fun! "Okay" daphne grabbed my hand and we were smiling and having fun! We opened the door that lead the play ground I saw charlie and Emily and other girls just talking and brushing their hair. So for a minute I thought they wo uld forget me so I decided to hang out with daphne, daphne grabbed my hand once again and said "let's pretend we are monkeys!" Okay! Daphne was acting like a goofy monkey and I joined her we were laughing loudly I was peeking at Emily and Charlie they were looking at me I a disgusting way I ingored them and still pretended like a monkey with daphne. "EEK OH EEK-" we stopped pretending to be a monkey and instead we were doing gymnastics we did cool stuff! And she thought me how to do a cartwheel! I kept on thanking her 15 minutes later recces ended it was home time "give me your number so we can text and call" PART 2 IS COMING

Story is told by Scary stuff