A brother named carter and his little sister Lillian was great siblings are treated each other with respect. But a little did he know was Lillian loved to draw. Carter: Mom I'm home! Mom: Oh carter something happened while you were at school. Carter: What happened? *Gets concerned* Mom: Your sister's school unfortunately has been burned. Carter: Is Lillian ok?! *Gets nervous* Mom: Oh no worries she is fine. She's ok, there is no need to be concerned. Carter: Oh thank God! *Feels relieved* Mom: She is in her room drawing. Carter: Oh ok. Carter goes to his sister's room. When he was about to open the door he had a feeling something wasn't right with him. Carter: Lillian. Lillian: Hello carter! Carter: Lillian are you hurt? Lillian: No I'm ok. Remember this drawing? Carter: Yeah that's uncle Edward. I wonder what happened to his friend Gabriel. (Characters Gabriel and Edward are in "Roses" but read the story if you haven't or not. That's your choice.) Lillian: Same. But uncle Edward was doing fine ever since Gabriel was doing fine. Carter: That is weird. But I'll ask mom if she knows what happened to him. Lillian: Ok. Carter walks out of the room to the kitchen to see what his mother is doing. Carter: Mom. Mom: Yes carter? Carter: Do you have any idea what happened to Gabriel? Mom: I don't know. But Edward was doing fine ever since he went into his wife's family's home. And left. Carter: That's weird and suspicious. Mom: I know. But I could relate the crime ls that happened to a few teenagers. Carter: I know but I want my friend Danielle back so bad but she is officially dead. *Feeling down* Mom: I must how known that feels carter *trying to comfort him* Carter: Oh ok. Mom: Now I'm going to make dinner. Carter: I'm gonna watch Lillian draw. Mom: Alright as long she isn't drawing anything bad. Carter: I know. Carter heads to his sister's room having an odd feeling about what she is doing. He ended up doubting what Lillian could be doing. Carter: Lillian what are you drawing. Lillian: I'm drawing your friend in a car. Carter: Ok...? *Feeling very odd* A few hours later he wondered what Lillian is drawing because he thinks that she is drawing something else other than his friends in a car. Mom: Dinner is ready! Lillian: Yay! Carter: May I see your drawing Lillian? Lillian: No. Carter: Why? Lillian: Because it's not finished yet. Carter: Alright I guess. In Carter's mind, he knew she wouldn't do that. He knew that she would always finish the drawings before dinner. After dinner carter stayed awake. When Lillian was in bed asleep. Her brother got up and sneaked into her room to see the drawing. He stole Lillian's drawing and went to examine it on his computer desk. Carter: Alright *turns on the lamp on his computer desk* Now I need to know why she is not showing me the drawing. Carter was shocked at what Lillian just drew. Carter: Gabriel...is dead?! By my uncle Edward?! I gotta tell uncle Edward tomorrow...because this isn't right. Carter goes and makes a copy of it by printing. He puts the replica in his sister's room. And sneaks off to turn off his lamp and hid his sister's drawing. The next day... Carter gets ready early like he usually does. However, he is aware of the situation of why his sister could be doing. He goes to get his coat since it's raining outside. He grabs his keys and his sister's drawing. He rushes to his car and puts the drawing in the front of the seat. After picking up his coffee he heads to his uncle Edwards. Carter gets the drawing and his coffee. He turns off his car, he heads to the front porch, he knocks on the door and the door opens immediately. Edward: Hey carter. Carter: Hey uncle Edward. Listen we need to talk. Edward: Alright. *lets carter in and closes the door* Edward: So what are gonna talk about. Carter: My sister was drawing this yesterday and this drawing represents you killing Gabriel in the Rosens family home. Edward:..... *shocked and anxious* Carter: Is that what happened uncle Edward. Is that why Gabriel is gone....?! Edward: Yes... *feeling anxious* Carter: Why did you do that....!? Edward: He murdered my wife during the anniversary with my wife on Valentine's day. Carter: Yeah but you should have taken him to jail. It's not right. Edward: I know it isn't. But can we just this a secret between you and me...? Carter: Alright. But I wanna know how did she know? Edward: I don't know. But U think she probably has inherited the ability from me. Carter: How come I don't have the ability then? Edward: Look though it skips a family member, somehow the family member inherits it from the grandparent. Carter: That makes sense. It was nice visiting you though. Edward: It was. After carter left Edwards's house he went back to his mother's home to see what could she be drawing. 9:00 a.m.: Carter sees that his sister is eating a delicious breakfast. Hey Lillian what are you drawing? Lillian: Oh your friend in his car, in the rain. *shows drawing* Carter: O-oh that's nice! *feeling shocked* Lillian: Thank you! *feeling happy* Carter heads to his room and saw that she drew his friend in a car accident in the middle of traffic. He immediately calls his friend. And Damien answers. Damien: Hey carter what's up? Carter: Where are you?! Damien: In traffic. Carter: You need to leave traffic fast. Damien: Carter ill be fine ok? Now goodbye. Carter: Alright bye. *Ends call* Carter realizes that his sister can draw someone's death. That's what ability she had. Later on, Damien died in a car accident. A few days later in the funeral...: Carter: This is my sister's fault, Damien. I know that you may think it's not but she drew your death as if it was a death note. Now I have nothing to do but to take away all the drawing supplies from her. After carter took all the art supplies he'd put them in the boxes and tape the boxes filled with art supplies. He puts them in the attic so his sister can never draw anything again. This is not the end of this story... Hello, guys sorry I haven't been posting for a little while. But I hope you enjoy this story because part 2 is coming out and be patient for part 2 coming out. But goodbye hope you enjoyed the story (I ain't quitting cuz why not?)

Story is told by Ava loves stories

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