Sorry if this isn't scary, this is a made up story and I don't have much of a imagination. One day there was a mom and a daughter named Chloe. They had just moved into a new house in the hill country. The house was old, it was made of wood that was falling apart and there were vines growing up it. All around the house was trees and huge vines. So the family went into the house, set their stuff down and explored the house. They looked at the basement, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the upstairs rooms and the attic. Inside the house didn't look as creepy as the outside did but it was still a little creepy. They were there for a week and then something happen, something that Chloe would never be able to forget. One night Chloe was in bed and she suddenly woke up, she looked at her clock and it was 3: 25 am. She was laying in bed trying to go back to sleep when she suddenly heard a creek, she sat up and looked around but there was nothing there so she laid back down. A few minutes later she felt her bed shift a little bit so she got up and looked under her bed but there was nothing there so she got back into bed and laid back down. Chloe was just about to drift off when out of the corner of her eye she saw something so she sat up and at the foot of her bed was a little girl standing there, staring into her sole. The little girl was wearing a long white dress and had long black hair covering her face. Chloe started screaming until her mom came in but by the time her mom came in, the little girl had disappeared. Chloe told her mom what happen and what she saw, her mom said she'd deal with it in the morning. Come morning time Chloe was still freaked out by what she saw so she got her laptop and looked at the houses history and she saw a picture of the previous owners of the house, there she saw a dad, mom, grandma, a little boy and a little girl. Chloe was horrified at what she saw, the little girl in the picture looked exactly the same as the girl she saw that night. So she starts reading about the house and she came across a article about the little girl, it said that the little girl was murdered in Chloe's bedroom by her father exactly 5 years ago. When Chloe read that she almost crapped her pants. She showed her mom the article and she to gets freaked out. They were able to move into an apartment a month later. So this is years later now and Chloe is a adult but she still remembers every detail of that night and it's something that's gonna haunt her forever. THE END!! Like for more stories like this and shout out to Queen Quacker for loving my stories.

Story is told by Aqua_the_cool




Well I dont blame them for moving out..


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Good story :D