I yawned and yawned and streched my arms, and gave a huge exhale. I shook my head on the silk pillows cushioning me and pushed the petals off my chest. I still felt lightheaded, and screams were echoing in my head. I shook my head hard, as if I was a retarded child acting in an ad, and glared around my surroundings. Tombstones, graves, crosses, debris and those huge oak trees. A brick slab lay in front of my bed, scratched and destroyed over the years. Kaia. That's my name. 2008 - . I couldn't see the rest. Heavy crying began to enclose my thoughts. It came from my bed. I lay in, trying to eliminate the noise like an independent jukebox. Something creecked and closed above me, hiding my sunshine and suffocating me in a box with no air. A rectangular box - that held me captive forever.

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh