I yawned, I yawned a big yawn. After a long day of work all I needed was some sleep. I trudged along up the stairs with my eyes nearly closed. As soon as I reached my room the wind started to blow, swaying my curtains this way and that way. I didn't think much of it though because my eyes we're marked with fatigue and tiredness. I layed down on my bed and started to doze off. All of the sudden the wind blew harder than before. Knocking my curtains clean off my window. I woke up with shock and annoyingness, "Just when I was about to sleep" I grumbled. After putting the curtains back into place I wasn't able to sleep again so I turned on the lamp and started to read. I heard faint footsteps from the hallway, I peered into the darkness to see a white face. I nearly jumped out of my bed. I slowly got my shotgun from under my bed, I turned to get it and as soon as I looked away it came up close to my face. I haven't noticed until I looked frontwards again. I wanted to scream but my mouth was glued shut. It reached towards the lamp and turned it off. Now it was time to sleep.

Story is told by DeadKid25


Glad Im not reading this at 3 a.m.




That was pretty amazing