"Daisies. Demons. Pretty little demons..." muttered the ghost behind me. I squatted in the long grass, its bristles painting my face in a paroxysm of horror. The chains rattled, and as the heavy breathing got louder and closer, I started to get paralyzed. My mother was yelling, my father was roaring, the house was a complete mess, and my sister was nowhere to be found. I vanished out the door, bashing it like my past behind me, and locking myself out of the place I thought was home for a long time. I started wandering around town. Below the rubish bins, in the park, on top of the streetlights, behind the benches. She had disappeared. The only place I hadn't checked was the daisy sunbeds, her favourite place in the whole town. I tripped over the poppy sunflower beds, covering myself in red and brown debris. There was a rustling sound, and as I hid behind the bushes about to pounce on her, I heard a whistling over my ear. "Daisies. Daisies." It silenced down and restarted. "Demons. Demons." I slapped my ears as if a bug was dancing upon there, and squatted down as a fog enclosed the multiple sunbeds. Then I saw her. But I remained silent.

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh