"Raven come downstairs, we have to get to school now." My sister called from outside the bedroom door. I opened my eyes and then closed them again. There was no way I wanted go go to school on my birthday. "Raven if you don't get up I'm coming in there and dragging you out of bed." That's when I decided to get up. I hopped out of bed, and grabbed my black jeans and black shirt off the table. I looked for my jacket but it seemed to be no where in sight. I gave up looking for it and went to go out my converse on instead. I got to the kitchen to see Victoria saying she wasn't gonna be able to give me a ride today so instead I asked my boyfriend Jake to see if he could. After we got to school and I had everything I needed for my classes I went into homeroom and found a box on my desk. I found this quite odd considering no one besides Jake and Tori knew it was my birthday. I opened the box and found a doll staring up at me. I was too old for dolls so I just though I could give it to my 5 year old cousin instead. I put the doll in my bag and then we began the class. Halfway into class I began to feel drowsy. I laid my head down and I was asleep. I seemed to be dreaming but this wasn't a normal dream. I was in a black room with nothing in here. I started hearing voices and then the doll started coming towards me. The same one that was on my desk. I woke up and headed to the trash can where I had thrown up. I was sent home by the nurse so I decided to take a nap. _______________________________________ We are just gonna leave a cliffhanger here because I'm trying to edit this story for you guys because it was a school assignment last year but I thought I was good. Let me know if you want the actual story though

Story is told by NightMareQueen