I never really understood why people were scared of basements or closets mabye cause it's a dark place or mabye it's cause we get a uneasy feeling when we see one or your in one. This day changed my mind about EVERY THING. I never opened my closet cause I would here scratches and banging at night. Usually I could see a shadow in the corner of my room. I would stay up all night under my blankets for some reason I believed that it could protect me. "BANG" that's my parents they are arguing. they do this a lot and it could be anywhere family meeting, game night. Wppe don't do that anymore because last time my dad got real upset and threw my mom at the fish tank. When the ambulance came he didn't go to the hospital when I asked if she was ganna be fine he just said it's her fault u shouldn't be worried because she is stupid that's where you get yours from. And slam the door. Wait I can't hear anything anymore. I open the door it's so dark the only light that was on was the kitchen light I step in something it looks disgusting I held it up to the light my eyes went dark i-is that b-blood I run to the kitchen screaming my mom's. name "mom mom hello" I walk into the kitchen my dad holding a gun holding my mom's hair laughing he turns to me I run to my room he knows I don't go in my closet I run and move everything from it and unlock it. I get inside I didn't have a light in there I sat there for like 10 mins my legs get tired I don't hear anything should I I open the door something seems different I walk out it was so silent. I couldn't even hear the cats outside they usually would go up to my window and meow alot I hear scurrying I jump I'm not usually the one to investigate but I needed to find out what was going on I open my door.... Ep1 ending

Story is told by I like chicken wings