Im a necromancer actually, but have no fear im not come for your soul or other spiritual values. I been walking under a disguise so the mortals of earth dont conceive me. Im a traveller you see, im only looking for info on this so oddly spherical planet which i thought was actually fascinating. My home cjinøk or T.M.P is a planet shaped like a mix of multiple crystals we have multiple suns carried by the sun carriers such as menkop, linrt, mkiop, and many more. The suns gravity pulls the planet in multiple directions. We call it The Mountain Planet as a nickname of course. We cjinøkins have exactly 10000 years before we perish, and im only at...oh i forget, somewhere between 373 and 501 i think. My name is bjiki I have a tale id like to share with you now that you got the gist...i hope. I was using the nearby portal between worlds it the middle of the city of yitith. Although bere its unknown and said to be maddening. I really didn't think so they seem afraid of the boipliods or in the human culture blue worms. I remember seeing someone wrapped in webbing i thought "well hes food" but before he was part of this so called sky i read his mind. I couldn't clearly see anything, only fear but he was named j..j.ja...james? James! James elming daklend. Im stealing his name and his identity he lookes dead anyway. See the place of yitith is a well protected one. Only attacking those who look for the rune. The rune holds knowledge of even past our mini-multiverse but because its the smartest thing to exist it was locked away in a realm between realms. In a completely ink black tower that would knock itself over in order to move other places. I often just think like that daklend guy in order to not think about it. I was off on my way to a Im still learning earthic culture. A sleeping cavern i believe. But i was in a lack of hikos or money. So i set off to get a job which was horrible these things are so bland and boring. So i set myself for self employment. I would be called and help those who had something supernatural happen. I had met with a elderly woman who had 2 grandchildren at the time. She spoke softly and fearfully. She spoke of a ghost haunting her home, she believed it to be her awful husband. So starts the thing from the dark. It was a late night and i was trying to project my astro physical self so to speak with the husband. I hadn't a response. But soon enough i was met with black smoke emitted from the stairs. I returned to my physical form soon enough though it wasn't a ghost it was something awful i couldn't explain. The smoke fadded and left a trail of hieroglyphics up the walls and stairway it was daemon speech only said it dark corners of the tortures land of quartarq. I expect the ghost must've been a haunter than. We awoke with the morning suns or sun, plural, waning above. It was odd my planet doesn't have a night. So the darkness was odd to me. I ate my food even though i dont eat i mean i do but see i haven't come to eat any one....for now. So i after breakfast i decided to head up in the attic where horrors were but everthing there. Once i was in i took my staff and pointed the bright purple light across the room. It wasn't a room. The light came in and i was in the terrible place of quartarq. Red was everything there and torture. It was made by a group of evil god like beings, the best known is a demi god damnon the creator of demons and daemons whom was bound to a chair of its own flesh. Serves it right. I had walked further to see not a haunter not a ghost something ive never dealt with before something. I never knew exist. A avatar of the damnon demi god. I was pushed and thrown back into the house, damnon was turned to smoke and turned into this horrible creature of hands and arms and eyes constantly forming and dissolving. I had cut a hole in the surface of reality so the creature was caught as soon as the hole was patched. Somewhere between dimensions is a avatar of an evil waiting. Its only purpose is to destroy now its but a machine with nothing to do. Well that was hard to tell. I got the money but i had to wipe there memories so no one has any reconciliation of my place in this place. Oh yeah guess you cant remember either? Ok and a 1 and a 2 you know what? Thats an unbelievable story. Nevermind you may go till next time friends.

Story is told by mr. gardwell

mr. gardwell

Inti, ok


mr. gardwell, I think you should explain the origins of the universe with gods and demi gods. It's just a suggestion though.

mr. gardwell

So if you want i can try explaining the origins of the universe with gods and demi gods or try making a woods man story you can choose. Im cool with both