It was late at night when me and my friends ,Jake and ace when we decided to go on a walk. It was around 2:30 by ,the time we got to the park then we started walking around until we seen ,a guy in a clown suit on the road. He was just standing there and we could see he was staring at us we thought nothing of it and started walking near it cause ,Jakes house was down the road. Passed the clown so as we got closer we seen a knife in his hand it looked like he was wait for his next kill. So we all ran passed him and he got ace. He killed ace me and Jake were devastated and we ran back. We both decided to never go outside at night ever again. The next morning we went to his furual and for this day on I swear He's still out for us.

Story is told by Alex

Alex, anyways how have you been?

Np man

Alex, thanks lol

Clown.... AH SHEEET. CHAINSAW TIME. *throws chaindaw behind my back. * bai bai bozo.. Spectacular story btw man great job