I don't know what you what me to add to "how my brother died" or "tall man"! Please help me! Im also really excited for the new story! Its told by a river demon. And i need you to decide if the clown from "how my brother died" is LJ or Pennywise. And what creepypasta you what the main character in "tall man" will be. And should i continue "my doll"? Please tell me anything that can help me. Im clueless when it comes to your minds. Soooooooooo i have said what i needed to so on to the story. Come to the river children. Come play with me. I'm scared, and it's dark. Come out to the water. Please? I'm cold. Please pull me out of the river. Come closer. A little closer. Come on get in the water. Come to the middle. It's fun. p.s. if i don't get help soon I'm gonna have to not continue "how my brother died" and "tall man"

Story is told by Fidelleah


I suggest that the clown in "How my brother died" should be Pennywise and could you think about a new kinda main character for "tall man" what I mean is different from the usual creepypastas we have read so far. And please continue "My doll" all of your stories are amazing. Keep it up!

mr. gardwell

I stand for bring back laughing jack