So when i was younger i used to have this super weird dream were my parents were moving and then this guy that never had a face came up to me, and kidnapped me.Then he would torture me and kill me.Which always, scared me that the dream would come true. So one day i was at school and i made a new friend and his name was Jack micheal.We became the bestist of friends we were unseprable.Then one day he came up to me and said "will you be my girlfriend"i was so happy and i said yes. So after dating for a month or so i have that dream again and for the first time i see the guys face and IT WAS JACK'S FACE.I just couldent belive it i just started crying because i loved him and now i had to break up with him. So the next day i went to school crying because i just couldent do it.Then i just couldent take it anymore and i pulled the knife out of my bag and started cutting my legs.My friend ended up hearing me in the bathroom and ran in there and when she saw the blood she freaked out and told me that i need to stop. So i stop cutting my self and i walk out she gives me some bandaids.After i cleaned up the mess i told my bestfriend what happened and she tells me it will be okay and i just need to get it over with.Then after school we went to were we wait for our bus and then he came.I was terrified when he started walking towards me and my friend.Once he gets there i tell him we need to talk and he said "its about your dream isnt it?"I was shocked how would he have known.But i didnt want him to know so i said no. After i pull him to the side i tell him that im breaking up with him because i dont think its working out.When i tell him that he slaps me and says, "YOU CANT LEAVE ME, IM THE BOSS AND I SAY YOU CANT LEAVE ME!"Then he grabs my arm, and drags me across the ground while he calls a car to come get us.By this point my friend was calling the police and everyone was screaming because my face was so red and my body was all scratched up.Even though i knew he was stronger and bigger then me i fought as best i could.I ended up pushing him down and spraining his ankle.So i run as fast as i can but someone grabbed me and i knew it was him.But it wasent it was my crush he grabbed me and told me to be quite so i listened.After we saw that he was gone my crush whos name is sam took me to his house.When we went inside it looked like a palace i was just in shock but in pain too.So he took me upsatirs and helped me do everthing. After dinner i go to bed but i wake up so Someone whispering in my ear and it was JAKE.He then grabbed me and i started screaming then sam came but he was to late i was just scared. So i just stayed as quite as i could.Once we got to his place and i woke up tied in a basement and my dream was coming true.I started crying anx he came out and he said "Dont cry baby everything will be fine."I screamed"NO IT WONT YOU RUINED MY LIFE! I HATE YOU!!!"He was furious and he hit me.After being tortured for over three hours he went upstairs to eat.Then he came backk downstairs for more but there was a knock on the door.When he opened it the people yelled your under arrest and i knew it was the police.Then they came downstairs and brought me to the hospital.When Sam got there i said how did they know where i was.He said that he put a tracker on me.I was so happy that he saved me and after that me and sam and i got togethere and lived a happy life.Oh and l Jack he only got sentenced to 20 years but then some how he died in his sleep when he got out of jail?. By:Weird Sorry if its still bad

Story is told by Weird


Amazing story, all I can say is you should probably improve on your grammar. That's not even that bad. Spectacular writing.


Now that's scary but the ending was sweet.




Good story tho


You definitely write better than me