Do you want to hear a story? There was once a little girl, beautiful and mute. She has a bear on her arm, and that is her charm. People say she's really odd or maybe that's just them. All alone but never bored, how does that makes sense? Have you seen the other girl, petty and rude. She walks to her mother and whined, "Mommy, I want that bear!" With a smirk on her face, her mother whispered, "Go take it from her, darling." And that is when the storm starts.. Little by little, the spoiled girl's life turns into a disaster. She thought its not something she can't handle. The mute girl tried to warn her, writing down 'Take care of the bear well, don't let it go dirty, and don't mess even with a thread on it,' Until her parents passed. Oh, how can she take care of it now? Living on the streets, how can the bear stay 'new'? The mute girl can't help her, leaving one last note behind. 'Bye,'

Story is told by Hxni2344


Corpse-Nightmare, thank youuu, and we love CORPSE ♡♡♡


I like it!!You should do more!!?


Just posted this and it has about 8 upvotes lmao, this system is broken. Ill check on it later, thanks for reading, and yeah, Im back wooo