Not enough. Not enough. The demons say to me. You should die. You should die. They try to tell me. But i will live in this house and drink my coffee. Not enough for me. Farewell to my demons. Farewell to my sadness. I don't sleep for day's. My demons are back. If i sleep i see them. I will crumble to the ground. I will never be good enough. That is what happens when i sleep. Sometimes the angels come and let me sleep. But i would sleep a restless sleep. All i would see is black. I sleep with a knife by my side for i fear a demon in human form. A child would walk to me in the morning and say "sissy". I will walk away. This child is from my mother, so i must be kind. It is hard to do when an angel little boy fills my mind. And even as far apart as we are i still love the child. Soon there will be three children. Offspring of my mother and a demon. I will hope to dream of darkness. As i do every night. And i will wake in the morning. I will do the same thing. Every. Single. Night. The "demon" in the end is how i see someone i live with. And the "demons in the beginning is my mind. And i love my siblings a lot i just love my brother more.? And yes i sleep with a pocket knife. Hope you have a good day/night.

Story is told by Fidelleah


That's something similar to what my demons say. But they say more than that. Don't listen to your demons and keep on fighting. I believe in you!


Lol we are the same ?

My demons say the same things to me. Anf i sleep with a butcher knife and a pocket knife in my boots ready.