Sooooooo let me just clear something up 1 i am the author of Tall man 1 and 2 and how my brother died 1-3 ( and all my other storys) 2 this is my new account 3 im still an idiot 4 Inti don't comment on number 3 And 5 i will be continuing how my brother died and Tall man On to the story I open my eyes to find myself in a room. Did i die or did i live? How could i be able to live!? Where am i? How did i get here? Thought's race in my mind and i heard a voice "are you just gonna lie there or are you gonna come and meet the boss?" It was a boys voice and curious i looked over my shoulder to see a boy about 3 inches taller than me, mid 20 to early 30, in a wight jacket and jeans, with jet black hair. But there was something wrong with this boy. He hid in the shadows of the dark room the more i looked at him. I stand "where am i and why am i here?" I ask the strange boy. And im gonna stop right here because i don't wont to be here for hours and im doing this during lunch because im at home doing school and my teacher would kill me if i didn't get in zoom on time?

Story is told by Fidelleah


Okay I won't comment on number 3. Welcome back! The story was good. I'm eagerly waiting for the next part.


Lol if they didn't want to grade it they shouldn't assign it ?

Also how is it that teachers COMPLAIN about all the work the have to grade.... WHEN THEY WAS DA ONES WHO ASSIGNED THAT SHEET LIKE BRUH TF