"WE GON DIE WE GON DIE WE GON DIE WE ARE ALL GOING TO FLOOPING DIEEEE!!!!!!!!!" Dexter screamed as he paced "Ok.. no one is gonna die.. we just need to find a way out... " Felix glared at me " Ok know it all. Then where is this 'way out' you speak of. Huh? Genius dont know does he" " Ok look man whats ur deal you got a problem? " I asked frustratedly as the walls became closer and closer the minute " Yea. YOU. you are my problem." I didnt know what i did but he was really pissing me off at that point. " Look man we all gotta work to-" "I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP MAN CAN U NOT TAKE A HINT NO ONE CARES ABOUT ALL THAT TEAM WORK SHIT" Dexter went over to him But i stopped him in his path.. " Careful man.. u dont have any clue what he will do.." "OH FOR GODS SAKE JASON JUST STOP" Felix kicked a shelf close by.. all the books fell off but one.. "wait mabye thats our way out!!" Dexter cheered and tugged a bit on the book. And then we found a vent... The walls were closing in very close.. it was now or never... Dexter started and stopped.. "I- i cant.." "Bruh stop being a wimp and get your rear in here" I glared and Felix... Asking Dexter why he didnt want to.. but he started hyperventilating.. and fainted. He must have been claustrophobic... And couldn't take anymore... Thats why he didnt wanna be in the vent, But if he didnt go to the vent.. he would be in a much more squished place.. alot more painful too.. But i couldnt get him in the vent with us.. I called Felixes name hoping he would come back to help... But he didnt.. So it was up to me.. It was all in my hands... To be continued.. All on my hands...

Story is told by allykat175@gmail.com


When is your next story coming out?


DEADBRAINZ, xD thank u


This,kinda funny but also a bit scary to me,cause I too am claustrophobic


What do u think will happen to poor Dexter... And what do u think so far?