B4 we start: This is a part 2 of the story i made a long time ago.. read that first if u want!! But.. for now.. lets go onward... Shall we? Hello.. im not sure if u remember me.. but if u dont remember me... Mabye you will remember my little cousin... Mark... I miss him everyday.. Mabye i should start with this... Hey.. im Nico. I was 15 when the incident happened.. and honestly.. i wish i could forget.. but its not that easy. Or at least it isnt now... Im 22 now.. its been seven years. As the seven years went by I forgot more and more about Mark . Not about my little cousin period. But about the incident. It seems like old news, but it doesn't mean I missed him any less. I got married had a son. Then I got divorced and took full custody... I named him mark.. after.. well you get it. I thought it was over, And I didn't think much of it. Until about a week ago... Like I said. I pretty much forgot about the whole incident. When I was spending time with my son, I heard some strange noises in the woods. We were going to hunt, or, I was going to teach him how to hunt. My son found an old swing and asked if he could go over there for a bit. Not thinking of anything else, I said okay sure. But about 20 minutes went by, and I heard a strange noise. I saw something climbing in the trees, and I knew I had to get out quickly.. It was all coming back to me... The loud thud of my cousin.. His head.. Severed from his small.. fragile body... It was all flooding back like a nightmare... And it was all Slendermans fault... And thats when i heard my sons screams... ~to be continued~

Story is told by allykat175@gmail.com