Mk bad news Im back i think.... Thats the problem And also... Someone please help me Idk what to do I hear the voices in my head telling me to end it all No im not gonna act on in so dont call the cops... Ive been in that position severa times and i gets me nowhere. But i cant end it. Bc the one person tha cares for me is Also in my head.. But in a good way... U know who u r dude.. I talk to u every damn day. No one would miss me Ad i jus had an anxiety attack.. For the 5th time tonight.. Its currently 10:48 as i type this... I cant se very well from the tears so sorry My demons say end it... But that other dude.. Or i think of as like a gaurdian demon.. Tells em to fuk off... Im so done with the people i know.. I scare myself... And my pas scares me. Wanna hear some scary shitt? Ask me for life storys. U wil get what u wish for.. Ask me about my past.. Don't be shy... Im back yall.. But im never gonnas be the same (sry for all the mistakes, my phone keyboard sucks its cold and i keep trembling.

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Indigo Flower

I'm here to talk if you want to..

Fidelleah, everything is gonna be ok I've thought i should end everything before but i have siblings to give my love to. I have gone through hell and im still walking deeper and deeper into hell. I've been scared out of my mind. My baby bro is in foster care and I'm still fighting to get him back. Just remember your not alone.

Thank u... And i still havnt fallen asleep haha


I wish I was there with you. But I can't. Please hang in there. If you're gone I'd miss you. Just hang in there. Don't give up. I'm here for you. I'll try my best to be here for you. Keep doing what makes you happy. I hope and pray that everything will be alright for you.

I cant sleep....