Yup my first day of high school in 2017 I made some friends but most of all... I met these twins. One was very kind and beautiful but i didnt fall in love. Just friends ya know? The other twin was very in to ghosts, ghouls, and violence.. The kind one was Jenny. And the other one was Anny. And every single week Anny would whisper in my ear "Don't Break Jennie's Heart Or Youll Get It " I would always get the chills when Anny whispers in my ear like that but anyways. On November 2017 Monday I heard jenny got a boyfriend! I was happy for jenny but the words in my ear "Don't Break Jennie's Heart Or Get It" Got me woried about Lucas (Jennie's Boyfriend) On 2018 January Friday I haven't seen Lucas in a while.. Was he lost? Was he dead? Did he get it? I got mad woried i decided to ask Anny if she had seen him, she replied with "Meet Me At My House At 6:05" I asked "why?" Anny didnt reply. After school i decided to hed to Annies House Since it was 2 hours away. When i arrived Anny gave me a Nice smile like she has never done before she let me in she made me some food. But again I was sketched out why was she like this? She has not been so kind before. She asked if I wanna sleep here tonight like a sleep over, I called my mom to see if i could sleep at Annies and Jennie's house. My mom said i could so i decided to stay. They had a spare unused room When it was night at 8:00 I decided to get a glass of water because I was thirsty like who isn't? Of course nobody was there everyone was sleeping I heard laughing upstairs where Jenny and Anny sleep I thought they were watching something funny so I decided to let them be. The next day it was 7:23 I didn't see Anny or Jenny which weirded me out I decide to the walk to the school and guess the twins were heading to and guess who I saw... Lucas with another girl that i didnt know and i finally remembered the words " Don't Break Jennie's Heart Or Youll Get It" I knew Jenny would cry And with Anny ready with the knife after school i freaked out do i tell Anny? Do i keep it a secret? I decide to tell Anny. When i told her she was mad, like i have never seen her before the only thing she said was " Do You Wanna See His Pain? "

Story is told by ÜNKNOWN 真好笑話噯啊呀

Ava loves stories

Very good story. But hopefully the pain isn't really too bad hopefully. =w=|||


I would like to see his pain =^=

mr. gardwell

No i dont wanna see his pain ? lol. All in all good story keep it up.