Is it on? Hello, can anyone here me? Okay its on. it's Bella here again I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of this box, please try he-. As the camera cut out the lights shut off to my house. F*ck the lights turned off... A noise came from my door as it sounded like banging noises. Hello, Who is it. There was no response back. Seriously...I grabbed the coin box then I opened the window and jumped outside to were my trampoline was hidden. Even though it was a two floor house I was safe. The trampoline split in half. I began to run towards the tree then set the box down. I ran back to my trampoline and jumped on it where it wasn't broken and eventually I got high enough to reach my window. I saw something there... something I can't explain... Tbc I'm lazy

Story is told by Egyptgachacat_isback