In florida Anastasia has a younger sister Bethel. They both don't live in a not so wonderful family. Alexander that is friends with Anastasia does have a younger brother Oliver. The both brothers live a wonderful family. (Aka the main characters of the story, ok now onto the story) 9:00 a.m. Anastasia looks into her phone, looking into social media while her sister is watching spongebob squarepants. Bethel: Are they here yet? Anastasia: Wait...I just received a text message. Yep they are. Bethel: Yay! Bethel runs to the front door with excitement, she opens the door and runs to Oliver giving a big hug and letting go. Oliver: I missed you! Bethel: Me too! Anastasia walks out of the house heading towards alexander. With no excitement. Anastasia: Hello Alexander. Alexander: Hey Ana. Alexanders mom comes out of the car and closes the door, she locks the car with her keys. It turns out it's was Anastasia's mom's friend, Xiemena. Xiemena: Hi anastasia. Anastasia: Hello. Anastasia's mom, Delia walks out of the house and closes the front door. She walks to her friend. Delia: Hi Xiemena! Xiemena: Delia! Delia hugs Xiemena with excitement because they haven't seen each other in a while due to a funeral that happened in anastasia's family. Delia: So do you wanna have coffee! Xiemena: I'd love to! Delia opens the door and let everyone and Delia and Xiemena talk and watch bethel and Oliver in the living room playing with blocks. Anastasia: Wanna play minecraft? Or go skate boarding? Alexander: Nah. I was wondering if we could do some art. Anastasia: Alright. Meanwhile with Delia and Xiemena... Xiemena: I'm gonna go cook eggs and sausage ok? Delia: Alright. Xiemena cooks eggs and sausage but Xiemena takes out of her pocket was poison. Xiemena: *mumbles* This should take care of Delia and her kids Xiemena puts poison on delia's and on her kids food too. Xiemena: Food is ready! Delia: Oh right. Anastasia, Alexander! Good is ready! Anastasia: Oh food is ready! Alexander: Finally I have been starving. Anastasia: Oh crap I remembered I ate food early this morning. I gotta tell her. Alexander: Ok. Anastasia and alexander saw the plates filled with food, looking delicious. Anastasia: Xiemena I ate food early morning. If you don't mind me skipping breakfast. Xiemena: Oh I don't mind. I'll give the extra food to your mom. Anastasia: Ok. *In mind* I have bad about this.... After breakfast everyone was stuffed. Anastasia: Alexander. Alexander: Yeah? Anastasia: I have a very bad feeling about your mom. Something is not right with her. Alexander: Oh it can't be nothing. Anastasia: I'll get oliver and bethel. Anastasia speed walks down stairs to get oliver and bethel. Anastasia: Bethel, oliver let's go to my room. Xiemena: What are you doing Ana? Anastasia: Oh I just wanna spend time with oliver and bethel *lies* Xiemena: Ok Anastasia rushes upstairs with oliver and bethel, after entering the room bethel's stomach hurts. Bethel: Ana my stomach hurts Anastasia: Alexander I don't think my sister has a stomach bug...I think she is.... Alexander: Poisoned! Anastasia: Poisoned! Anastasia sneaks downstairs. When she headed there she noticed her mother has been stabbed with a knife. Anastasia sneaks upstairs fast and heads her room with fear. Anastasia: Alexander my mom has been stabbed by your mom. We gotta get outta here. Alexander: Can't we just jump out the window. Anastasia: I don't know but are you catch oliver? Alexander: Yes I will. Anastasia: Ok Because I'm gonna jump down to the ground and catch beth. Then you go next. Got that? Alexander: Got it. Xiemena: Beth! I have a surprise for you! Bethel: C- Anastasia covers bethels mouth in fear Bethel: Ana why did you do that? Anastasia: Because oliver's mother is the bad guy. Bethel: Is this a game? Anastasia: Yes it is now shhhhh. Bethel: Ok. Shhhhhhh Anastasia opens the window and jumps down to the ground. Anastasia: Jump beth. Bethel: Ok *jumps* Anastasia: *catches beth* Alexander: Here is oliver. Anastasia: Ok Anastasia catches oliver. The Alexander jumps down. Before Anastasia tried to run Xiemena appeared and pointed the gun at alexander. Xiemena: You thought you can escape from me can you? Heh. Alexander: Mom what the heck are you doing?!?! Xiemena: WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE YEARS AGO! NOW GET OVER HERE! Alexander: NO MOTHER! Xiemena shoots but Anastasia runs to save alexander, before the the bullet hit anyone Anastasia pushes alexander to save his life. But then Anastasia has been harmed with a bullet. Anastasia coughs blood out of her mouth. Xiemena: GET OVER HERE ALEXANDER! Alexander carries beth and Oliver in fear, he runs to the garden and hides to call the police. Police: 911 what's your emergency? Alexander: My mother tried to kill me and my friend during a playdate. And my friends sister has been poisoned so did her mother. Police: What your address? Alexander: (Insert a street name from Florida) Police: Alright stay on the line the police are in their way. Xiemena: Where are you? I know your hiding somewhere. The police arrived and has found Xiemena but before Xiemena could find her kids and bethel Xiemena has been put down by the police and has been arrested. 1 day later in court... Judge: Xiemena Evans we had found enough evidence, your guilty! For 1st degree murder! Your time spent in jail will be 31 years in prison. Meanwhile in the hospital... Anastasia: Ugh my head... Anastasia: Oh hello alexander. Alexander: Hello Ana. Anastasia: What happened? Alexander: You have been shot with a bullet in your chest. But luckily they got the bullet out. Anastasia: Where is my sister?! Alexander: She is gonna be ok. She is in the same ro with you awake. And she is gonna be out on a few days. Anastasia: Where is mom? Alexander: I sorry for that your loss ana. Anastasia: It can't be... Few days later Anastasia: Were lucky we got foster parents. Alexander: I know. At least we are together in this. Oliver: Yes we are! Bethel: Yeah! The End Or Is it not......? Authors note (aka me): Sorry I been posting stories in a little while. It's that I have been trying to be coming up with ideas for my stories but they never seem to fit in the story. Let's hope I do get ideas from other stories. If you want part 2 Comment down below and I hope you enjoyed my story!

Story is told by Ava loves stories

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I was inspired by melanie martinez (Song has inspired me) to make this story. But I hope you enjoyed!