Hi I'm lily I'm a 7th grader my school is named fisher man The least favorite school nobody likes that school and I can tell u why because It's haunted the bathrooms are dirty like crusty broken toliets and the class rooms chair is like plastic We have to suffer really bad. The teachers are really really mean school starts at 3 ends at 10 Ik it's late there is 100 kids at the school nobody likes that school literally You can't even use that bathroom I DONT EVEN WANT TO LOL? anyways right in the story.. So I'm I the classroom writing what the teacher is writing the other students finished but I came late so that's why the teacher looks very mad because she is suppose to teach other stuff anyways I'm in the last sentence right now 1 minutes later I finished now this girl named melina called me a slut just because I stole her eraser so I can erase something I called her a spoiled brat because she is spoiled she pulled my hair so I punched her on the face she started crying the teacher heard She rolled her eyes and said to me "now honey what did u do?" I said well she called me a slut so I got mad she pulled my hand and said CMON! She bring me to this room it was so empty it only had like 6 chairs while walls but so dirty why can't they just clean the school,??anyways she said "your staying here for 20 minutes and I'm calling your mom have fun"! I stayed here for 30 minutes I heard a knock I said leave me alone ? this devil looking girl just comes out and said I will kill u I was beyond crying like a lot until this girl named serina she just came.out and said "not in my watch"! She pulled out her powers AND BOOM THAT DEVIL GIRL LEFT LIKE A PIECES OF DUST! I thanked serina I said THANK YOU THANKS FOR SAVING MY LIFE UR A LIFE SAVER ? "no problem I don't want anyone getting hurt"! She says we became really good friends until.. Emma Roberts ? One of Nancy's good friends.. Spreaded a rumour that I was using her! I saw her talking to Serina and Nancy giggling I stalked them and trying to hear what they were saying all I heard is... "Lily is a user she is using you"! "Yeah she's such a fake friend I used to be her friend but she used me for money!" Nancy said. Why would I even be their friends? They are just dugusting Serina was so shocked "Omg how could she? She is such a loser! She will pay" I was tearing up because how could my own bestie believe just strangers? That is Soo unbelievable so at recess they were staring at me and laughing "eww she wears ugly clothes she is probably poor"! "Hah poor freak!" I ingored them serina came up to me and says"hey loser!" Hi...? "I herd ur favorite was mash potatoes?" Yeah it's! take a hold of this! *She throws a bunch of mash potatoes on my face HAHAHAHA Nancy and emma started laughing Soo hard I was crying like a babie HOW COULD U!! I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING TO U ? WHY WOULD U DO THIS!! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS?! "No not until I found out what have u done to nancy!" A bunch a people gather around to see a "fight" WHAT DID I DO TO NANCY I DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO HER!! "YES U DID U USED HER WHY?? SHE WAS SUNCH A GOOD FRIEND TO U" A GOOD FRIEND? A GOOD FRIEND TO ME?!! I WAS NEVER HER FRIEND OR SHE WAS NEVER MY FRIEND SHE IS MY ENEMY SHE IS ALWAYS MEAN TO ME SHE HATES ME! "LIES I HATE U!" My heart dropped .. I never know she was going to say this to me.. YOU KNOW WHAT?! IM DONE IM DONE WITH FRIEND IM DONE WITH MY LIFE IM DONE WITH EVERYTHING *runs to the roof* U SEE THIS IM- *i fall to the roof* Everyone was LIKE NOOO! I dropped Everyone stars crying

Story is told by Scary stuff


Please do!! Also.. i get that whole bathroom thing xD

Scary stuff

I'll make part 2