So one day i was sitting in my room like i usually do but then at about 3:05 am i heard a knock on my door.Which was very unusual since it was 3 in the morning and since i live in the country.But i still went to the door when i looked out the little peep hole no one was there so i opened the door.When i opened the door i saw a box.I didnt understand because i hadnt ordered anything recently but i still picked it up.Then i brought the box to my room and opened it inside was a note that said "IM WATCHING YOU!!!!BE CARFUL".At first i thought it was a friend pulling a prank on me so i just brushed it of and put the note on my shelf.But then a couple minutes later i hear a knock on the door to my bedroom and i flip out.I go to the door and open it but no one is there so i just close it back.But again my door nob starts shaking as well as my door.So i go open it again and i see a note that says"NOTICE ME".Then i run to my bathroom and lock the door.I then look at myself in the mirror and say "its just a dream.Your just hallucinating".Then the bathroom door starts shaking and i start crying wishing that my boyfriend was there with me.After being in the bathroon for about an hour i go to my room and fall asleep.Then the next morning i check are cameras that i have in my house and there was nothing it was as if nothing ever happened.So i run to my room to get the the notes but there gone.Then i hear a whisper in my ear that says"Theyll never know thell think your crazy so shut up".When i turn around theres nothing there and after that night i never talked about this till today. So i hope you enjoyed, thank you and this is my first story so it might be bad. By:Weird

Story is told by Weird


This was really good as your first story. Keep it up.


Corpse-Nightmare, thank you so very much


That's good!! Better than mine!!

Weird, np man and im here for u whatever u need! Keep the stories comin when ur out of school

Weird, thank you so much im going to wright another one when i get out of school

HOLY *really really really long mother truckin bleep* Thats honestly petty damn good for ur first story man


Thank you


It's better then my first story,keep up with the gud stories


Thank you

Ava loves stories

It's kinda bad but keep up the work!