Its been there for as long as i remember. A dog its breed unrecognizable, its about a medium sized dog half its body inexplicably damaged. The poor dog has no face, broken bits of bone and flooding organs drown in a pool of blood. I remember being 3 years of age and a truck screeched by. I didn't see the truck only a dead dog. Which was strange. im currently 23 and living across the street from my old home in vameland OK. But the strangest thing was, nobody every picked up the dog. And it never decomposed. So i never liked using my car cause it would run it over. So i decided to pick it up myself. I grabbed my shovel and scooped under it. It only went from maddness there, i tried to pick it up. But everything froze, no movement anywhere. Birds floated , neighbors didn't move. I soon realized i couldn't move either. The dog bubbled and moved crazily. Soon the was once a dead dog grew into an insectoid creature of indescribable horror. I couldn't.... Oh no. The neighbors looked around and saw but a dead dog in the to a bloody shovel and a human finger.

Story is told by mr. gardwell


Oof. That's creepy. Super creepy.