Heya, girls, boys and anyone in between, or generally close to it!!! This is another story from my haunted collection of items!!! This is case 24!!! This is another toy case and this was given to me by a haunted collector, really recently. He had complained about having bad dreams when the doll was around, which wasn't proper evidence. I mean like, you could LITERALLY have bad dreams about ANYTHING.. He also said it moved places each day, But like, you could imagine that.. Anyway.. So I took it in, it's like a rag doll or something, it wore a creepy clown outfit. Like DUDE, no wonder you were having bad dreams??? So as soon as I got it, I was like, NOPE. So when I changed him, he didn't like that. I would find peices of my clothes in my shoes and dead mice in the bathroom, sitting right in front of the mirror. So I learned that I shouldn't have changed him, and I changed him back. He quit bothering me after that. Other than that incident, we have gotten along. _______________________ Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!!! -Indigo Flower!!

Story is told by Indigo Flower