Paranormal experience I was about 5 to 6 years old. My mum and dad with out outside the house for some work stop I was home on alone I didn't had anything to do so I will just using the phone then I heard a voice that was me that I should go away. I was really freaked out stop the phone fell down from my hands and I was freezed and I ran into my room and locked the door from inside. About 5 to 6 minutes later I opened just a inch of the door to see what's happening outside to my surprise I saw a dog type creature all black with red eyes sniffing here and there with blades around his hand moving left right as he was sniffing I thought it was searching for me. Opening another room's door and seeing inside if I was in there then, a idea struck to my mind that there was another room from which there was a backdoor that lead me to the the backyard. That I should go to that room an escape from that deadly dog type creature thinking I should slowly go to the room. He was still searching in that room then suddenly he turned and saw me I said then I ran into a room he was running towards me. I hid under the bed he room and he was searching for me. Then the main door open and I heard my mum and dad come back home. I was relieved that my mum and dad came home then I peeped that where that creature was then I saw that the creature broke into pieces and disappeared.

Story is told by Strange Girl Knock