This is a true story about my own paranormal experience. I was at Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India for my holidays. There is a small kind of ground with a small abonded building. There was a small group of boys playing cricket out there. I was just 1 meter or so away from them. Alone playing with my ball. There was a series of benches, my mother was sitting on one of them with my jacket and spectacle. Yes, I wear spectacle. I was playing with my ball then I heard a female voice calling my mother's name. I turned to see who she was I saw a woman wearing nighty slowly walking towards us. I rushed to my mother and asked my mother to give me my spectacle. I turned to see who she was but she was gone. I searched everywhere but couldn't find her. Then I thought maybe she may have gone to the river side. I went down the stairs to the river side but not there. I was terrified so I asked my mother to return home. On the very next day I called my sis. She told me a story " There was a woman who was sleeping, heard a noise and woke, she went out of her house to see what was the noise. The noise was coming from the river, she went down the stairs to the river side and was looking across the river when a man pushed her. She drowned and died. The woman is still searching for her murderer.

Story is told by Strange Girl Knock